Director’s Message


In the autumn of 2017, we opened our clinic in Hong Kong SAR. We hope that everyone who falls ill overseas a swift recovery and we are here to help you resolve your concerns. In our clinic, we have access to specialist consultant treatment of each department on the same floor as our clinic, if deemed appropriate by the examination of our Japanese general practitioner.

Our journey began over thirty years in London, where Dr. Ihara opened his first practice where his aim was to support the health and mind of the Japanese expatriate population living in the United Kingdom. Since then, the original London Iryo Centre has become the leading medical practice for Japanese expatriates in Europe. His motto, even then, we to provide 24/7 medical security. This philosophy has followed him to Hong Kong.

We are working hard to expand our medical network in Hong Kong and the rest of Asia, so we may continue to provide high quality medical services.

As a general practice, we keep consideration of the individual patient’s health, mental condition and social aspects at the forefront of my mind, and I consider it my mission to continue providing medical services of the highest standards. If you have any comments or suggestions, please contact Dr. Ihara at

London Iryo Centre Hong Kong
Dr. Tetsujiro Ihara