Feedback Form

Questionnaire Request to Patients

London Iryo Centre Hong Kong is constantly working to improve services so that patients can receive more appropriate and reliable treatment. Based on the results of this questionnaire, we will consider future improvement points and use them as a reference to meet the needs of patients. We will not disclose any content or personal information that you respond to. Thank you very much for your cooperation.


About yourself

Q1. Sex
Q2. Age
Q3. Payment
Q4. Which information did you refer to when choosing this hospital?
Q5. Is this your first time to receive a medical examination at our hospital?


First impression of our hospital

Q6. Reputation of our hospital
Q7. Transportation
Q8. Impressions of the reception
Q9. Wait time
Q10. Overall impression


Medical care

Q11. Explanation about diagnosis and treatment
Q12. Attitude to hear talk well
Q13. Treatment content
Q14. Wording and attitude
Q15. Description of prescribed medicine
Q16. Overall evaluation
Q17. Did you fully meet your request and reflect it in your treatment plan?



Q18. Information in the building
Q19. Equipment in the waiting room (magazines, toys, etc.)
Q20. If there is something good in the waiting room please fill in for reference
Q21. Sense of privacy
Q22. Air conditioning
Q23. Sense of cleanliness
Q24. Interior



Q25. When judging the medical treatment of our hospital as a whole
Q26. Staff response
Q27. If you have visited before, medical treatment compared with the previous time What do you think of the center?
Q28. Can you recommend this hospital?
Q29. Please let us know if you have any other comments or comments.